Rekor Command™ Release Notes - September 2022

Incident Configurations, Analytics Dashboards, and Workspace Modifications.

New Feature Additions and Changes: 

  • Incident Configurations: Account Managers can now configure which fields are optional and mandatory when managing an incident. Furthermore, Account Managers can select which options will appear in drop-down menus, and which will be placed into a "Load More" category. To learn more about this capability, read our User Guide article.

    Incident Configuration 1

  • Analytics Dashboards: We have released several changes to the “Incident Analysis” and “Mitigations” dashboards including new dropdown filters and charts. To see the full list of changes, visit our Product Documentation Resource.  

    Avg incidents by time

Now Available to Interested Customers: 

  • Workspace Modification: Rekor has added the capability to only populate incidents if they are within 1,000 meters of a CCTV camera. With this capability, TMC users can view incidents that are exclusively near a camera feed, so that confirmation or rejection is easy. If you are interested in adding this capability to your account, please email