How do I install my Rekor Edge Max?

Installing and configuring a Rekor Edge Max unit

Relevant Product Manuals

 - Comms Box Product Guide

 - Edge Max installation (power, etc.)

 - Axis Camera Configuration for Rekor ALPR

Step 1: Verify that the Edge Max is connected to your Scout Web application

All Rekor Edge Max units are configured at time of manufacturing to connect to your cloud Rekor Scout account. You should verify the configuration is appropriate before leaving your comfy office.

Login to your Scout account (either or ), navigate to "Configuration - Agents". Verify that you have an agent that is current down (this would be the Edge Max that has not been powered yet).

Power the Edge Max unit, provide it with an internet connection from your Comms Box and after a few minutes, it should be connected to the internet. Verify that the new Agent appears up and running on your Scout interface. 

Step 2: Verify the Axis camera connectivity

Connect the Axis camera to the Edge Max unit using an CAT5E- or CAT6-compliant ethernet cable. The Edge Max unit acts as a PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) device and will power the Axis camera using that cable.

Use an ethernet cable to connect your computer to the Edge Max unit. Configure your computer to use a fixed IP address "" for that network connection.

You should be able to access the Axis user interface from your web browser at one of those URLs:

You can ignore the SSL certificate warning of your web browser.

When the camera(s) are connected to the Edge Unit, you should see the updated status for the cameras on your Scout interface.

You should also be able to access the Axis Camera configuration user interface over the 4G connection:

Step 3: Install and secure the Edge Max on the final location

Follow the steps described in the product manual for the physical installation of your Edge Max unit.

Step 4: Fine tune the Axis Camera configuration (zoom level, orientation and light settings)

Either using Rekor Scout Web interface or using the computer-to-Edge-Max connectivity, ensure that the Axis camera are aimed correctly, with the right zoom level and adjust the image settings.

Please ensure that the settings are appropriate for plate capture at night based on the illumination of the area. See the Axis for Rekor ALPR configuration guide for good starting points.