When does the Rekor Edge Pro camera switch to night mode?

Rekor Edge Pro has two profiles ("DayTime" and "NightTime"), how does it select the correct one?

There is no light sensor on the device, but a software algorithm is used and tuned to switch to "NightTime" mode a little before the sunset and switch to "DayTime" mode a little after the sunrise.

The Rekor Edge Pro camera calculates the sunrise and sunset. It uses the following information to do this calculation:

  • Location coordinates
  • Time of the day

For the calculation to be correct, it is important the date and time of the device is accurate (we recommend using an NTP server) as well as the location.

Make sure that: 

  • "Enable Automatic Day/Night mode" is enabled on the "Rekor ALPR" -> "Camera Configuration" configuration screen.
  • "Infrared intensity" is set to 0% for the "DayTime" mode