What types of layers are there on the Live Map?

In the Live Map view, layers are arranged in the table by frequency of use. Below is a list of the different layers in the order that they appear on the layers table.



An incident is a type of event that poses danger on the roadway.

Stalled Vehicle

A stalled vehicle is a type of incident that describes any vehicle that is incapable of movement.

Abandoned vehicle

An abandoned vehicle is a type of incident that describes any vehicle that has been left by its owner in a location that is not designated for parking.


A crash is a type of incident that occurs when a vehicle collides with an obstacle in the roadway or another vehicle.

Left on Arrival

Left on arrival is a type of incident where the vehicle leaves the scene before any action has been taken.


Debris is a type of incident that means scattered pieces can be found along the roadway.


A hazard is a type of incident that may cause damage to a vehicle on the roadway.

Vehicle on Fire

A vehicle on fire is a type of incident where there is uncontrolled burning involving a motor vehicle.

Police Activity

Police activity is a type of incident where a car may be stopped by police, or the police have already arrived on the scene so further action is unnecessary.


Emergency Medical Services


Issues related to the infrastructure itself - i.e., Fallen signs or graffiti

Traffic Stop

A vehicle stopped on the side of the roadway.

Wrong Way

A vehicle is traveling in the incorrect direction.


A type of incident that does not match any of the above-mentioned labels.

Traffic Disruptions

A type of event that affects traffic flow in a particular area.

Road Closures

A road closure is a type of traffic disruption that blocks a road to traffic.


Construction designates a type of traffic disruption that will affect the flow of traffic due to planned activities to upgrade or fix facilities on the roadway.


A congestion event refers to a traffic build-up.


Congestion expected to happen (such as rush hour).


Congestion that occurs outside of normal hours. This may be due to undetected events, incidents, and hazards.




Closed-circuit television, also known as video surveillance, are video cameras used to transmit video imagery of a specific location.


DMS (Digital Message Signs) are stationary or portable boards that display messages to drivers about important traffic information.



A unit is a vehicle that belongs to your agency, which does work out on the roadways.


Freeway Service Patrol - field units focused on service activities which mean clearing roads ASAP to enable traffic flow

Highway Police

Highway Patrol of state x

The traffic police in general (like in NHP)

City Police

Traffic police who have jurisdiction over roadways throughout the region

Fire Department

Fire trucks and related vehicles


Vehicles associated with construction work along a roadway


Emergency Medical Services


Vehicles that are performing maintenance on the roadway


Vehicles used to clean streets


Any vehicle not defined by the above categories