What is Rekor Scout™ and how does it relate to Rekor Edge Pro?

Rekor Edge Pro camera system comes with one year of Rekor Scout™ Commercial service.


Rekor Scout serves as the recognition engine behind Rekor Edge Pro systems. It features a cloud-based dashboard that provides access to all license plate and vehicle reads from Rekor Edge Pro™ systems. Additionally, within Rekor Scout™, users can manage hotlists, search for vehicles, and create reports. One year of Rekor Scout™ Pro service is provided with the purchase of a Rekor Edge Pro. Users will be instructed to connect a Rekor Scout™ account to their Rekor Edge Pro upon initial setup.

When your subscription ends, you will have the option to renew your service at our standard rate of $65.00/month per camera. An email reminder will be sent as your 1-year expiration date approaches.