What is a Response Plan?

This article describes the functions of the Response Plan feature.

Our Response Plan feature allows you to actively manage roadway events according to a pre-planned approach. This enhancement allows you to enable traffic management organizations to efficiently create comprehensive, pre-defined response plan templates for incidents. These plans will serve as systematic guides, enabling TMC operators to promptly apply them to specific incidents, ensuring well-coordinated responses, minimizing disruptions, and optimizing incident resolution. The Response Plan is an upsell feature under Event Management, and has Manager and Viewer roles.

The response plan has three parts - 1. template creation 2. adding a template to a response plan 3. completion of the response plan.

If you would like to make a Response Plan mandatory as a Manager, you can enable that under Incident Flow.

To enable the mandatory requirement, go to Settings, then go to Incident Flow in the left frame.

Enabled Response Plan

Scroll down and enable Response Plan, then click Save Changes in the upper right corner of the screen. The Response Plan is now enabled and will be displayed in the Incident Flow.