What is a Wrong Way Alert?

A Wrong Way Alert provides operators multiple visual and audible cues to ensure the alert can quickly and easily be identified and prioritized.

A Wrong Way Alert provides TMC operators multiple visual (see screen shots below) and audible cues to identify an incident is a wrong way driving incident. These visual cues ensure they can quickly and easily identify and prioritize these dangerous events within the Rekor Command platform. 

WW Alert Active

By adding this additional visual differentiation, an operator will no longer have to search through the full list of alerts to find the wrong way driving alert. This will ensure that these dangerous events can easily take priority in event management efforts. 

How are Wrong Way Driving Incident detected? 

Rekor Command AI leverages multiple third-party data feeds to identify wrong way driving incidents. Additionally, we can integrate a customer’s existing wrong way driving sensors and other infrastructure into Rekor Command, ensuring all their alerts are found on one, easy to use, screen. 

Please note: This feature is an “Add On” feature, so it will not be automatically enabled. Customers will need to request that this feature be added before it is enabled.