What categories can incidents be filtered into?

Incidents can be filtered into a variety of categories.

  • Rekor Command™ ID
  • Workspaces (single selection)
  • Type (multiple selections)
  • Duration (a sliding scale between 0 and 72 hours)
  • Mitigated by (multiple selections)
  • Created by (single selection)
  • Completion Reason (multiple selections)
  • Additional Info (multiple selections)
  • ATMS ID (free text)
  • Time (single selection)
  • Route (single selection)
  • Status (multiple selections)
  • Mitigation Types (multiple selections)
  • Involved Account (multiple selections)
  • License Plate Number (free text)
  • Completion Comment (free text)
  • Notes (free text)
  • CAD ID (free text)

Results will be listed to the right of the Filters. Each column is clickable and will display results in ascending or descending order, alphabetically or alphanumerically, depending on the values.