Rekor Command™ Release Notes - March 2022

Improvements to Map Pin Functionality, Logging Incident Mitigation, and More.

Bugs Fixed: 


  • Map pins: When a user creates an incident in the tablet, the map pin will no longer be unresponsive to the address; map pins will now correlate with changes to the address entered/edited.  
  • Incident Mitigation: When logging an incident mitigation, the end-time field will no longer be empty; end times will automatically populate after a mitigation status is changed.   

New Feature Additions and Changes: 

  • Desktop and Tablet:  Action based incident indications: Incident cards now have indicators for operators notifying them if an incident has been mitigated or is left dormant for over 24 hours.

    Traffic Management - Action Based Incident Identifications
  • Tablet:  Improved tablet viewing: The platform will now automatically adjust to any resolution and layout for improved responsiveness and tablet operability.  

Now Available to Interested Clients:  

  • Unit status: We can now add special unit statuses to unit icons on the live map. Statuses include the activation of sirens/lights, as well as street sweeping, snow plowing, and more.

    Traffic Management - Unit Status

Coming Soon: 

  • Dashcam Integrations: The application will soon be able to integrate with dashcam feeds. If an account has this feed set up, users can click on a unit icon on the live map to see the unit's dashcam view.