Rekor Command™ Release Notes - July 2022

Incident and Traffic Disruption De-Duplication, Improved Map Search, and More.

New Feature Additions and Changes: 

  • Incident and Traffic Disruption De-duplication: We have improved our algorithms to recognize potential duplicate incident and traffic disruption reports. As a result, fewer reports will appear on the live map and event panel.  
  • Media attachments: We have improved the media gallery section when uploading images to an incident card. The section, which is now more user friendly, allows for easier drag-and-drop attachments.  

    Traffic Management - Media Attachments
  • Map Search: We have improved the map search functionality; it will now capture more search keywords.  

    Traffic Management - Map Search
  • Incident Editing for Multiple Users – We have adjusted the incident editing behavior so that multiple users cannot edit an incident at the same time. Now, if a user is in edit mode, they will have 15-minutes to edit and hit save. During this time any other user will be disabled to make edits to the same incident card.  

    Traffic Management - Incident Editing for Multiple Users
  • Dashboard cameras in the incidents gallery: The platform now integrates with dashcam feeds. If an assigned unit has a dashcam installed, then the live feed will appear in the incident’s camera gallery. Customers interested in setting up this feed may contact 

    Traffic Management - Dashcams
  • Incident Timing: When making edits to an incident, the time can now be adjusted by selecting a drop-down menu. 

    Traffic Management - Incident Timing

Bugs Fixed:  

  • Camera Gallery: When adding or viewing an incident, the camera gallery will now show the correct nearby cameras. 


Coming Soon 

  • Incident Creation: Coming soon, users will be able to create and edit an incident on one screen, rather than selecting “next” to move between sections. This change will improve the workflow and enhance usability.  

    Traffic Management - Incident Creation cs

    Please feel free to email us at if you have any further questions.