Rekor Command™ Release Notes - January 2022

Bug Fixes for "Share to public", Live Map Feature Updates, and More.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • General: When clicking on the ‘share to public’, users will no longer experience the “processing” issue
  • Tablet: Selection of dropdown list for mitigation would not cause jumping to the first item in the list

New Feature Additions and Changes:


  • Traffic Disruption: ‘Share to Public’ feature is now available to push out notifications for construction events
  • Incidents: We have improved the lane description when populating the description box in the 'Share to Public"
  • General: When scrolling in the events list, current location will not be lost when one goes into an event and then close it; the same location will be saved instead of ‘jumping’ to the top of the list
  • Live Map:
    • Weather Alerts Panel: New functionality to filter types of severe weather that you are interested in. Filtering affects the map and the weather events list.
    • Layers: The layers panel now includes the weather alert types that can be turned off or on
  • Data Hub: Incident log/Work requests log: New ‘workspace’ filter added to allow search for incidents in a specific workspace jurisdiction


  • Incidents: While creating a new incident, the map will now be more zoomed into the road level

Coming Soon:

  • New BI Platform For Dashboard reports (Based on Domo): We will be introducing the new analytical tools for your reporting needs in the next couple of weeks. This will be replacing Tableau and will be a more user friendly, enhanced and quicker reporting tool than the previous.