Rekor Command™ Release Notes - February 2022

Bug Fixes in the Data Hub, and Live Map. New Features Related to Analytics Dashboards, Traffic Disruption, and Incidents.

Bugs Fixed: 

    • Data Hub: Incident log filters within the Data Hub will no longer exclude certain incident type filters. 
    • Incident Creation [Involved Vehicle Section]: Adding more than one involved vehicle to an incident log will no longer reorder vehicles. 
    • Incident Creation [Mitigation Section]: Mitigation end times will no longer be missing if users do not fill this out; end times will automatically populate following saved changes. 
  • Live Map: Zooming into the live-map will no longer cut off street names (or other text). 
  • Search Bar on Live Map: When typing a unit/driver in the search bar, first names will no longer be absent. 

New Feature Additions and Changes:


  • Analytics Dashboards: New analytics dashboards have been added to the Data Hub to provide better business intelligence. View the info page in the customer portal for more information.
  • Traffic Disruption: The Share to Public feature is now available for users that are editing a construction traffic disruption in the system. 


  • Incidents: 
    • When creating a new incident, the map will be zoomed in closer to the road level, allowing to quickly identify and update the pin location on the live map to the actual lane or road.
    • In addition, when creating a new incident, there is now a new button in the address section to 'Show nearby corridors' when the currently presented corridor is not accurate.
    • The 'recenter' button within the map section was redesigned to show in a more prominent and noticeable way.

Coming soon:

Dark Mode for Tablet Devices: We will soon be introducing a dark mode option for tablet devices. We have designed this tool for reduced glare and ease of viewing during night shifts.