Rekor Command™ Release Notes - December 2021

Live Map, Event Panel, and Data Hub Improvements.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Tablet: Issue with route filters not applying now resolved
  • General: Using ESC keyboard button to exit an incident

New Feature Additions and Changes:


    • Live Map: 
      • Crash Prediction: A filter has been added allowing users to see crash predictions based on ‘active’ only, ‘predicted’ only or all entities. Predicted crashes now also appear on the live map when switched on.
      • Unit Icons: The unit icons have been modified in color and form to differentiate between different types of units. In addition, units’ direction of travel is now showing when units are in movement.
  • Weather feature: Various improvements have been added, including disabling mouse hover state.
    • Event Panel: 
      • Sort by: Users can sort the incidents under the different tabs under the event panel by time (oldest to newest or by newest to oldest).
      • Events: When creating an event (incident, work request, traffic disruption), the platform will automatically navigate to the relevant tab. The event will also be highlighted under the tab for a few seconds
  • Data Hub:
    • Shift log: Users can filter by unit in the Driver shift log


  • Event Panel:
    • The ‘sort by’ function now has one more option called ‘Assignee’. When selected, the following subcategories will be shown under different tabs: ‘assigned to me’, ‘unassigned’, and ‘assigned to others’. This will allow tablet users to see in a clear way the incidents assigned to them. Note: the default sorting is now set to ‘Newest first’ 
  • Sound Alert for incoming incidents: 
    • Similar to the sound alert and visual indication whenever a new incident is created by the platform under the ‘need action’ tab, same behavior is now occurring whenever a new incident is manually created and/or confirmed from the ‘need action’ tab. The incident card will be highlighted in a light green color for the next 15 minutes. See documentation - for how to manage the sound alert permissions.
    • In order to align with the sound alerts, a “New” badge will be displayed under the ‘in progress’ whenever a new incident has been created by other users and/or confirmed from the ‘need action’ tab. This badge will appear under the “assignee” subcategories next to ‘unassigned’ and ‘assigned to others’.


  • Data Hub:
    • Work request logs are now available under the Data Hub. The work requests logs will allow users to find and view all historical data regarding past, present work request data.