Rekor Command™ Release Notes - April 2022

Live Map "Shift Pause" Bug Fixed, Improved Incident Creation and Edit Flow, and More.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Eternal lunch break: When a driver returns from a shift pause, he will no longer be seen on the live map as still on a break 

New Feature Additions and Changes:

Desktop and Tablet

  • Incidents Complete/Rejection: We have added a new reason for completion/rejection: ‘Caused by maintenance work’ which will soon be changed to read 'Maintenance vehicle' as a result of your feedback.

    Traffic Management - Maintenance vehicle


  • Improved incident creation and edit flow: To facilitate faster incident logging and editing for field users, we have improved the flow of incident editing. Now all entries, other than the location and time of an incident, are not required. Additionally, categories are collapsed by default and can be expanded only if needed.

    Traffic Management - Improved incident creation and edit flow
  • Sort configuration: The 'sort by' filter will remain as it was when a user logs out of their account and will no longer default back to 'newest' every time someone logs in again.