Rekor Scout™ Release Notes - September 2022

Bug Fixes and Updated Features and Functionality

New Feature Additions and Changes: 

Scout 1.7.8

This release comes with several bug fixes and small improvements - the bigger features are noted below

Improvements to Scout licensing, including:

  • Reset password email
  • Forgot password updates

We also updated the agent uptime functionality, moving it to AWS Timestream database for easier and better querying of data. We now provide a average uptime over a n-day rolling window of average uptime, where the length of time that an agent goes without sending a heartbeat before considered down is configurable.

We took some time this cycle to create a POC of what it would look like to use Timestream as our primary read database, before ultimately rejecting it due to compatibility concerns with Govcloud. This exploratory work will be continued in the upcoming cycle.