Rekor Scout™ Release Notes - September 2021

Webhooks, New Features, and SSO Integration.

New Feature Additions and Changes: 

Scout (Cloud) [1.7.2]

  • External
    • Added allowance for webhooks of vehicles with no plates
    • Added a display pop-up in advanced search for vehicles with no plate to show basic details and include video of vehicle (if available)
    • Added a crop image feature to search by image, now when uploading an image to search user will have ability to crop it before searching
    • Changed stats page to search by camera instead of by site
  • Internal
    • Added tool for setting up companies for state hotlists
    • Optimized queries to improve performance
    • Added tracing to our code to help identify performance problems
    • Skeleton keys now work on SSO accounts
    • Added extra logging around SSO
    • Added ability to store vehicle image in S3 once image is retrieved from an agent. This should save bandwidth and be faster to load
    • Added modifications to testing scripts to improve usability and help easily test more use-cases (e.g., vehicles with no plate)
    • Added new button in admin to facilitate state alert list look ups for new users
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed SSO integration for cloud AD users. Note: Still have an issue with some types of user authentication
  • Fixed a case when “load more” button was displayed more than once
  • Fixed a case where clicking on an alert would say “Plate details are no longer available” if the alert definition that triggered the alert was deleted
  • Added Spanish translations for sections of the website that were missing
  • Various bug fixes

Release Dates:

  • Oct 7th 12pm for cloud
  • Oct 7th 5pm for police