Rekor Scout™ Release Notes - October 2022

Accuracy and Durability Improvements Plus Bug Fixes and New Functionality.

New Feature Additions and Changes:

  • Statistics Improvements: improve durability and accuracy
    • Redis was never really meant for this, but Rekor found a redis-compatible AWS managed data store which is durable and won't lose data
    • Fixed multiple timezone/DST/day boundary bugs
  • Scout Webhook Retry: Added a DLQ with a configurable retry period
  • Finder Hot List Issue: Some customers not able to upload Hotlist because of file sizes and timing out
  • Modify Email Address: Allow users to change email address
  • Error Message: Fix CSRF error when communicating with
  • Tracking: Add Google Tag Manger tracking to Chargebee checkout
  • Add mock endpoints for uptime v2 to support ops