Rekor Scout™ Release Notes - October 2021

New Search Features, New Support, and Bug Fixes.

New Feature Additions and Changes: 

Scout (on-prem) [1.7.1]


  • Added search by vehicle type
  • Added search by image (uses vehicle signature)
  • Added Live Video feature to video review page
  • Added permission groups: a new feature to enable setting permissions across a group of users
  • Added matching by state / province for alerts. This is configurable per alert definition
  • Added data sharing across Scout instances. Users can configure data sharing to allow other Scout instances to be able to search data on their system
  • Added option to set which way a camera is pointing (direction of traffic). This can be set on the dispatch map
  • Added new setting for plate retention (in days). This is set in the “My Account” section of the site and applies to all plate reads
  • Added new setting for configuring plate alert retention (in days). This can be set per alert list
  • Added external storage implementation to mimic S3 for storing crops needed for search by image
  • Added support for generating webhooks when a vehicle has no plate
  • Added support for vehicle signature
  • Added support for RPSN
  • Optimized back-end to improve search times
  • Added support for up to 5 webhooks (previously there was only space for 1)
  • Updated webhook UI
  • Added support for displaying vehicles that are missing plates
  • Added a pop up (key the key) on user management page to show current permission levels for a particular user
  • Added ability to show alert information even if the plate read has since been deleted. Previously it displayed “Plate details no longer available”
  • Updated Statistics page to show stats by camera instead of by site
  • Updated Advanced search page to add ability to search by camera instead of by site
  • Fix bug related to max length searches (3 years +)
  • Fixed various instances of missing Spanish translations
  • Fixed an issue where plate locations would not load properly when language was set to Spanish
  • Fixed an issue where if you deleted an alert definition, if you then clicked on an alert generated by that definition you'd see “Plate details no longer available"