Rekor Scout™ Release Notes - November 2022

Uptime Endpoints Email Notifications, and Bug Fixes.

New Feature Additions and Changes: 

Uptime Endpoints (v2): Replaced the current functionality with a summary which gives the overall network and agent uptimes over a given period of time. This can be for the overall organization, a specific company or a specific agent UID.

New User Signup Email Notifications

  • When a user is created in Scout and is set to "inactive", Scout should send an email to all Scout admins informing them a new user needs approval.
  • This also brought to light an issue with on-prem/local users and spamming emails in an infinite loop, which was resolved as a part of this effort

Bug Fixes

  • Advanced Search by plate - images will not Display once a camera is chosen
  • Exports CSV Endpoint no longer provides the match strategy
    • This was to support a long-standing finder bug so that police companies could upload and export very large hotlists
  • Cleanup: Remove Old/Unused Stripe code