Rekor Scout™ Release Notes - July 2020

Rekor Scout™ Agent and Web Server 2.8.101



Release Date: July 13, 2020

  • Core: 50-100% performance improvement on ARM64

  • Core: 30% performance improvement on higher-end Nvidia GPUs

  • Watchman: H264/H265/MJPEG Video decode on Nvidia GPU on Linux (reduces CPU usage)

  • Core: Decreased memory usage

  • Core: Small accuracy improvement on plate characters

  • Core: Accuracy improvement for vehicle make/body type/color

  • Core: Significant accuracy improvement on state/province recognition

  • Watchman: Video recording feature supports transcoding to smaller size/framerate (supports using GPU on Jetson)

  • SDK: Alpr API supports image data passed directly on hardware via GPU memory pointer

  • SDK: AlprStream API supports asynchronous loading of batched image data on GPU while the current batch is processing

  • SDK: Alpr API outputs vehicle bounding boxes in addition to license plates

  • Watchman: Improved video decoding process reduces buffering artifacts under heavy load

  • Core: Targeted Mexico and Canada country set

  • Core: Add support/binaries for Ubuntu 20.04

Web Server:

  • Modernized Web User Interface

  • Better usability for mobile devices

  • Improved coverage for Spanish language translation

  • Optional Multi-Factor Authentication (E-mail and/or text-message confirmation)

  • Additional security options for stronger CJIS compliance (Single user sessions, password rotation, password requirements)

  • Optional field to require all searches to include a user-entered “Justification”

  • Optimizations to improve performance/memory usage for very large (1 million+) alert lists

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed memory leak appearing under some circumstances

  • Fixed race condition which occasionally caused stream recording to be disabled on agent restart

  • Fix playback issue when multiple cameras are recording on one agent

  • Fixed accuracy-affecting bug on GPU processing with many vehicles in view (i.e., 4+ lanes of traffic)

  • Fixed accuracy issue related to the Iraq dataset

  • Fixed overflow bug on AlprStream Python binding

  • Numerous additional bug fixes

Archived Windows Installers:

Archived Linux Repositories:

  • REKOR_VERSION=2.8.101 bash <(curl