Rekor Scout™ Release Notes - June 2021

Rekor Scout™ Agent and Web Server 4.1.1



Release Date: June 16, 2021

  • Scout: Detection of vehicles without license plates

  • Scout: Identifying vehicles with license plates that have been purposefully removed

  • Scout: Vehicle signature enables a similarity comparison between vehicle image captures

  • Core: Faster processing at resolutions less than 1080p

  • Core: Improved detection rate for small plates at resolutions greater than 1080p

  • Core: Accuracy improvement across all countries

  • Core: Accuracy improvement for input image data with tall aspect ratios

  • Core: Higher accuracy (lower speed) vehicle detection option. Not compatible with GPU acceleration.

  • Core: Improved vehicle make/model/color recognition accuracy

  • Core: Decreased memory usage

  • Core: Improved GPU performance on Windows

  • Scout: New JPEG overview image can be sent with along plate results

  • Scout: JPEG crop quality is individually controllable for each crop

  • Scout: Maximum size of stored JPEG is now configurable

  • Scout: MJPEG server allows viewing analytics output for each camera in a web browser

Web Server:

Updated: July 7, 2021

  • Feature: search vehicle by type

  • Feature: search vehicle by image

  • Enhancement: Can now view alert image & details if the plate read has been deleted from database.

  • Fix: Multiple bug fixes