Rekor Scout™ Release Notes - December 2021

UI Updates and Webhooks Plus Bug Fixes.

New Feature Additions and Changes: 

Scout (Cloud) 1.7.4

New Features:

  • Replaced Top Sites section of the dashboard with a new UI that shows top 3 cameras by either plates this week or alerts this week
  • Updated UI for the advanced search page
  • Updated UI for stats page. We now show graphs that list per camera values. Also updated camera description to make it more clear what site it belongs to
  • Updated webhooks test UI. New test will send an example JSON instead of something that just says test. All 2XX status codes will now count as a successful test
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed some bugs in alert list serailizer related to recipients
  • Fixed a bug related to confidence levels that were too high or too low
  • Various bug fixes
  • Added a few missing translations for Spanish
  • Some tweaks for agent config page to work with ability camera
  • Updated Sentry version and improved logging so we can hopefully capture full JSON where there is an issue with sending in plate data
  • Various changes to internal APIs to improve performance
  • Updated trace server config so all the rates are customized in settings file
  • Setup HTTP callback for rekor blue to let them know when an alert list has been updated
  • Remove some logger statements that were causing our logs to be spammed