Rekor Scout™ Release Notes - Mar 2024 (Scout SaaS 1.10.0)

This release contains fixes and enhancements pertaining to display and report generation for individual plate reads.

Enhancements and Improvements

  • Added ability for a single-read PDF report to "fall back" to the overview image if the full-size image is not available, and to the vehicle crop if the overview image is not available. 
  • Plate Read details popup is now accessible for a single read and a PDF report can be generated, even when the associated agent was deleted. Images will still not be directly available. A stronger warning about agent deletion is now provided. 

Fixes and Maintenance

  • Added instrumentation and logging to help diagnose any future occurrence of a missing map in a single-read PDF report. 
  • Disabled editing of plate number/string in the Plate Read details popup due to a possible vulnerability it exposed.