Rekor Edge Pro Quick Reference

Rekor Edge Pro is a complete license plate and vehicle recognition solution engineered for roadway speeds when paired with Rekor Scout®.

Recommended Use Case

Typical Locations Business districts, residential neighborhoods, parking lots, garages, campuses, government/business complexes
Typical Mission Vehicle identification and ingress/egress monitoring at well-defined and marked access points
Recommended Coverage
Lane Coverage 1 lane
Distance < 75 feet
Vehicle Speed < 45 mph
Angle from Camera to License Plate < 30°
Mounting Height


NOTE: This height is recommended to keep the camera out of
pedestrian and vandalism range and avoid visual obstructions.
Actual height limit must keep vertical angle to plate < 30°




Video Recording

Edge Video Retention


Based on available storage and scene complexity, estimated 2-5 days

Accuracy Expectation

Plate: >99% capture, >98% accuracy
State: 95% accuracy
NOTE: Expected accuracy when camera is properly scoped, positioned, aimed, and calibrated. Deviations to use case, coverage recommendations, and proper calibration will reduce these figures

Best Practices

  • Capture of rear license plates only
  • Position camera to have a mostly uniform lighting environment
  • Avoid visual obstructions and retroreflective signage in the field of view
  • Position camera as close to a direct angle to the license plate as possible
  • Use a license plate on a tripod or a parked vehicle in the intended capture area while calibrating
  • Calibrate separate “day” and “night” mode camera settings using real-world day and night capture scenarios from the actual install location
  • The entire vehicle should appear in the frame at the point of aim
  • Target pixel density for optimal accuracy is > 120 PPF (Pixels Per Foot; 0.1” per pixel)
  • Recommended minimum pixel density is 70 PPF

Looking for more information? Visit Rekor Edge Pro, including the solutioning and calibration guide.