Rekor Edge Pro Overview

With a built-in CPU, Rekor Edge Pro is able to process all license plate and vehicle reads at the edge. This means that you get actionable knowledge and alerts in real-time.

The Rekor Edge Pro is Rekor’s turn-key integrated LPR sensor optimized for pre-wired environments and ideal for access auditing missions such as deployments in neighborhoods, parking lots, garages, schools, and businesses.

Rekor Edge ProAs a fully integrated PoE camera, installation can be facilitated by simply physically installing the camera and connecting it to a PoE switch via CAT-5E or CAT-6 Ethernet cabling.
Rekor also offers optional connectivity solutions for environments that are not pre-wired to enable the system to be powered by a standard AC power circuit (the Rekor Edge Pro Comms Box), or via our Rekor Edge Pro Solar Kit assembly. Both AC and Solar connectivity solutions feature integrated LTE connectivity to transfer the LPR data to the Rekor cloud environment. Users can either provide their own activated SIM card and cellular service plan or procure Rekor cellular communications as a service.

By capturing and processing LPR on the Edge, the Rekor Edge Pro streamlines data throughput to the Rekor cloud and decreases time-to-capture. This architecture allows the Rekor Scout cloud platform to receive the vehicle read data and push out hotlist hit alerts and webhook data calls to third-party API’s within just seconds of the read event on the Edge.

The Rekor Scout Agent that runs on the Rekor Edge Pro camera system leverages advanced AI to process real-time video streams for observation, vehicle detection, and object grouping. Ultimately this leads to vehicle and plate identification that delivers industry-leading read / capture rates and plate / vehicle accuracy.

Rekor Edge Pro Components

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