Rekor Discover™ Release Notes - Sep 2023 (v2.18)

Device Calibration and Configuration, Speed and Classification Report Enhancements, Atlas Integration

New Features

(This section describes new features that are added for Rekor Discover.)

  • Device Calibration and Configuration for devices which have been upgraded to the latest agent.
    • View and graphically edit device speed calibration details including lane marker definitions, lane boundaries, median types, posted speeds, etc. overlaid on a snapshot of the roadway.
    • View and edit device speed calibration details, the agent configuration, and the deepstream configuration using a syntax checking JSON editor.
    • Configurations are pushed/pulled to/from the device.
  • Atlas Integration: forwards lane mapping records to project Atlas

Enhancements and Improvements

(This section describes enhancements and improvements added for Rekor Discover.)

  • Added Speed and Classification enhancements:
    • Allows the creation of 6-bin HPMS Vehicle Classification Groups, and 7 other groups defined in the Traffic Monitoring Guide (Table 4-7)
    • Added the option to select/deselect group of cameras Speed and Classification Report wizard option to select/deselect group of cameras.
    • Speed and Classification Report wizard allows time zone selection (added for tenants which span multiple time zones).
  • Lane mapping timestamps now have 15-minute resolution from 1-hour.

Known Issues

(This section describes fixes, known issues, and suggested work arounds for Rekor Discover.)

  • Added a fix to remove a race condition which occurred on 2023-08-19 16:29:38 which locked the database and caused a backup in vehicle read record ingestion.
  • Fixed infinite loading of the Speed and Classification report if there is no lane mapping or data available for the report period. 
  • Added a warning message to the lane editor if a device has been unmapped from the tenant. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Hi-res live video playback was 30 minutes behind.
  • Removed unmapped lane warnings from the Speed and Classification Report when a lane definition exists.
  • Fixed issue where volume aggregation downloads have inconsistent heading names.