Rekor Discover™ Release Notes - Oct 2023 (v2.19-2.20)

Speed and Classification Report Enhancement, Drakewell Enhancements, Device Calibration Updates

Enhancements and Improvements

(This section describes enhancements and improvements added for Rekor Discover.)

  • Speed and Classification report: Added option to view data in the Total Vehicles chart and Vehicle Class Breakdown chart by lane.
  • Added updates to Device Calibration/Configuration support after recent agent/device changes. 
  • Enhanced Drakewell integration: sts-agent heartbeat fields including retry_queue_size and process_queue_size are now used to help determine if all read records for a 5-minute interval have been received.
  • Added ability to select a timezone when viewing archived video. 
  • Added safeguards to prevent duplicate vehicle read records from being processed. 
  • Added the following MS2 updates:
    • Upload PVR records only. Previously "bin" data was also included. 
    • MS2 confirmation upload ID is now saved after upload. 
    • Support for entering a camera's Station ID. 

Known Issues

(This section describes fixes, known issues, and suggested work arounds for Rekor Discover.)

  • Added fix that allows sudden data increases to be handled smoothly. It evenly spreads out the process of read record ingestion and optimizes database writes, irrespective of the data source. 
  • Added a pager to the lane mapping editor. 
  • Unmapped lanes flagged when there are none. 
  • Fixed issues with report range when rerunning a report.