Rekor Discover™ Release Notes- June 2023 (v2.16)

MS2 Integration, Drakewell Integration, and fixes

New Features

(This section describes new features that are added for Rekor Discover.)

  • Initial MS2 integration. 
    • UI to enable/disable configure MS2 integration per tenant. 
  • Added basic QC Validation launch using a button at the top of the Speed and Classification report. 

Enhancements and Improvements

(This section describes enhancements and improvements added for Rekor Discover.)

  • Enhanced Drakewell integration:
    • Wait 30 minutes before generating data files. 
    • Validation and generation of missing files if they have not previously been deleted, for instance if Discover is unable to generate files due to an AWS outage. 
    • Regenerate files for a period now on a per-tenant basis.
    • Staging bucket/sftp site to use for initial camera setup, (data is mirrored from the main S3 bucket excluding the delete markers). 
  • Vehicle read record ingestion performance improvement. 
  • Added page title tags for Google Analytics and introduced the Rekor Discover trademark. 
  • Scheduler to run Ops queries for internal use off hours and emails the results. 
  • UI: Personalization feature to disable map fly-in animations. 
  • Export PVR .csv file with local date/time of cameras. 

Known Issues

(This section describes fixes, known issues, and suggested work arounds for Rekor Discover.)

Fixed issue where there were duplicate rows in PRN files for lane indexes mapped to None or when multiple lane indexes are mapped to the same lane. 
Moved location of minimized download indicator.