Rekor Discover™ Release Notes - Jan 2024 (v2.22.0.1-2.23)

Atlas support, hotfix

Enhancements and Improvements

(This section describes enhancements and improvements added for Rekor Discover.)

  • Atlas support:
    • Modified the Discover PVR forwarding lambda to redirect data from the Discover production environment to the data plane, bypassing the Discover dev environment. The data plane then feeds the Discover dev environment, enabling a direct comparison of data in the Discover production environment and the data fed from the data plane to the Discover dev environment. Previously, the data plane was fed by the Discover dev environment, and this type of validation was not possible. 
    • Introduced a new dedicated API gateway to the Discover Kinesis Data Stream specifically for Scout to deliver "insight" ALPR data. When webhooks in Scout are switched to this API gateway, a simple DNS cutover of the current Discover PVR ingestion API gateway to the data plane endpoint can be performed without any downtime on edge devices. 

Known Issues

(This section describes fixes, known issues, and suggested work arounds for Rekor Discover.)

  • Addressed a critical issue where a significant number of duplicate PVR records could be sent from devices. These duplicates appeared as unique records and due to the volume, were causing aggregations to fall behind processing and temporarily disabling the monitoring screen. The patch implemented a filtering mechanism to ignore these duplicates. In addition, these types of duplicates will no longer be forwarded to Drakewell or MS2.
  • Implemented measures to reduce false positive alerts on the Slack channel by ensuring alerts are not triggered when the data bucket generation process is likely still in progress.