Is there a glossary of terms for Rekor Command™?

Yes, there is a glossary of terms listed below.


Your organization’s access to the platform, configured to contain all users and roles.

Additional Info

A section that represents details users typically would like to add to an incident report. These items will automatically appear for selection when an incident is created.


An asset is an object that is part of the transportation infrastructure, such as a camera, Digital Message Sign, or a vehicle belonging to the organization.  


A label applied to an incident that has gone through the incident management process or has been rejected by a user.


An event is an occurrence that affects the roadway, such as a crash, congestion, activity involving first responders, or even inclement weather.          

Field Unit or Unit

A vehicle assigned to a user out in the field, typically a law enforcement officer or a Freeway Service Patrol driver.


An incident is a type of event that poses danger on the roadway.

In Progress

A label applied to an incident that is currently being worked on.


A visual mechanism used to add context to the live map.

Live Map

A visual representation of current conditions on the roadway within your jurisdiction, which is updated in real-time.

Map Tool

A feature on the live map that changes the viewing style.

Mitigation Type

A label that can be added within the account settings to provide extra details about a specific action taken when filling out the incident report.

Need Action

A list of all incidents/events that require the action of a user - including but not limited to: incidents requiring confirmation/rejection or another event that may affect traffic conditions.


Authorization to interact with certain aspects of the platform.


A position within the organization that carries specific responsibilities and variable permissions.


An individual within the organization who is granted access with unique credentials to interact with the platform.