How to redeem your Rekor Scout Agent codes

Follow the steps to redeem your Scout Agent redeem codes

When you are managing your Rekor Scout Agent Licenses, it Is possible for Rekor to send you a redeem code that you can use to increase the number of licenses for your Rekor Scout Agents.


  • You must have an account created on
    • if you are already using Rekor OpenALPR you likely have one already (look for the licensing email address for your existing devices).
    • if you do not have an Rekor Scout cloud account, you can create one.

Follow the instruction on the email you received with your redeem code

  1. Navigate to 
  2. On the right side of the web interface, please note the section "Redeem Code"
    Rekor License - Redeem Code - Scout Web UI
  3. Enter your redeem code (at least 8 alphanumeric character code) and press "Apply Code".
  4. Once redeem has been processed and accepted, you can register your Scout Agent (Rekor Scout Agent running on a computer, a Rekor Edge Pro camera, a Rekor Edge Max, etc.) as applicable using this Rekor Scout Account as your license account.

If you get a "Unable to redeem code", then it is possible that this code has been deactivated, has already been used, or that you entered to code incorrectly. Please check your code and try again.
Rekor License - Redeem Code - Failed