How to add GPS coordinates?

You can either set a permanent value or update the GPS coordinates while the agent is running

If you wish to integrate GPS coordinates with Rekor, you can either set a permanent value in the configuration, or update the GPS coordinates while the agent is actively running.

Fixed Cameras:

Webserver: from the navigation menu go to Configuration > Agents and click "Configure" for the agent that manages the camera you are interested in. Under the video streams section, click the map pin icon to the right of the camera you want to configure. Enter an address or adjust the map by dragging/zooming, and then click save. The pin color will change from blue to green to indicate the GPS coordinates have been saved.

Agent configuration files: alternatively, you can edit the [camera_name].conf file located in /etc/openalpr/stream.d (Linux) or C:\OpenALPR\Agent\etc\openalpr\stream.d (Windows).  In this file you can specify the "gps_latitude" and "gps_longitude" values.  After you restart the agent, these values will be sent with every plate result.

Mobile Cameras:

If using the Rekor agent on a mobile platform, the GPS coordinates need to be refreshed regularly.  For your convenience, there is an opensource script that you may use to pull GPS coordinates from a /dev/tty device and POST it to the running Rekor agent:

To set the GPS coordinates manually on a running agent, first add the following to your /etc/openalpr/alprd.conf:
web_server_enabled = 1
gps_use_webservice = 1

Next, you can post to the following webservice to update the coordinates for the agent: