How do I manually create an incident in Tablet?

You can add an incident manually if you have the relevant details.

  1. To create an incident touch the Create new button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. 

    Create New_Tablet

  2. A screen appears with a map enabling you to select the precise location and details of the incident

    Quick Create_Tablet

  3. Location: 

    • Identify and update the correct location by either moving the map around until the pinpoint matches the correct location or by updating the location fields (corridor, crossroad, direction, orientation etc.)

    • Select Quick Creation in case there you are in a hurry and cannot stale time.

    • If you select Continue edit, you can continue to add additional details:

  4. Time (this field is mandatory)


  5. Involved vehicles (this field is optional)

    You can add the details of any civilian's vehicle that is involved in the incident.


    Involved Vehicles_Tablet

  6. Type (of incident) (this field is mandatory)
    1. Select the option that best describes the incident you are reporting.

    2. Subtype (this field is optional): To report fatalities, injuries, or additional details, click on the drop-down menu to select a subtype.


  7. Mitigation (this field is mandatory)
    1. If your account has mitigation types defined, they will appear in this section.

    2. Multiple selections are possible.

    3. Touch the label to apply it to the incident - a checkmark appears.


  8. Affected Lanes (this field is optional)
    You can add details about affected lanes by doing the following:    
    1. If desired, select a Road type and Direction from the dropdown menu.
    2. Click to highlight all lanes that were affected by the incident; lanes are displayed left to right.
    3. Users have the option to add additional lanes by selecting the + Add button.

      Affected Lanes_Tablet

  9. Cameras
    1. If there are cameras within the vicinity of the incident you are reporting, they will be automatically added to the report.
    2. You also have the ability to add more cameras by doing the following:

      1. Touch + Add.

      2. Type in the camera ID you would like to add.

      3. Add the camera by selecting the ID.




  10. Touch the Next button to advance to the additional details portion of the report.




  11. Notes (this field is optional)

    1. Users can add multiple notes.
    2. Note deletion can be accomplished by touching the X button.
    3. Each note is automatically time-stamped.
    4. This section enables you to add relevant details not included in other portions of the report.

  12. Additional Info (this field is optional)
    1. If you have additional info added to your account, then you can select them here.
    2. Touch the label to apply it to the incident - a check mark appears.


  13. Source (this field is optional)
    1. Click the dropdown menu under Reported by.
    2. Make your selection.
    3. This section automatically fills in the details of the user who created the incident.


  14. Impact (This field is optional)
    1. The platform enables you to list up to 10 injuries and/or fatalities per incident.
    2. The end time of the incident is automatically calculated based on the amount of time entered in the duration field.

  15. External ID (this field is optional)
    1. You can add the number of the external ATMS ID and CAD ID.


  16. Media (this field is optional)
    1. You can add a total of 50MB of media files (no more than 12 MB per file).

    2. Use your device's camera to take a photo.

    3. Touch Upload and navigate to the location on your device where the file is located file from your device using the link that says upload or take a photo directlly via your tablet device.


  17. Click the Create button to complete the creation of your new report.