How can I complete an incident in Tablet?

All incidents reported in the system require completion.

There are two ways that incidents are completed:

  • Automatic removal by the system 
  • Manual process

Automatic Removal of Incidents

Incidents are automatically removed from the Live Map to represent actual roadway conditions. This happens in one of two ways: 

  • Unconfirmed events: an event that was not reviewed or confirmed by a human user, is automatically converted to rejected after seven hours. These events are moved to the Completed tab upon rejection. 
  • Confirmed events: an event that was verified and modified by a user, is automatically converted to completed 72 hours after the last update has occurred. 

Manual Completion of Incidents 

To complete an event manually, follow these steps: 

Find the event you wish to complete on the incident list (under the In Progress tab), or on the live map.


Touch Complete within the event itself.