How are incidents completed?

All incidents reported in the system require completion. The platform will take steps to handle this process automatically if it has not already been achieved manually by a user.

Incidents will be automatically removed from the live map to represent actual roadway conditions. This will happen in one of two ways:

  • Unconfirmed events (events that were not reviewed or confirmed by a human user), will be automatically converted to rejected after seven hours. These events will be moved to the completed tab upon rejection.
  • Confirmed events (events that were verified and modified by a user), will be automatically converted to completed 72 hours after the last update has occurred.

There are also two options to complete an event manually.

Option A:

  1. Find the event you wish to complete using the live map or the Event sidebar (under the “In Progress” tab).
  2. Click the complete button on the right of the event.

Option B:

  1. Click on the incident card.
  2. Click the "Mark as Complete" button on the left-hand side of the card.

Note: A completed incident will remain in the tab for 12 hours.

Once Mark as Complete is selected, the Complete Incident pop-up will be displayed:

pop up completion

The following table describes each reason code. 

Completion Reasons

Select a reason codes from the drop-down menu, select whether a hazard still exists in the road, add any comments (if desired), then select Complete.

 Command Complete Incident Done