How-to: upgrade the Edge Pro camera to the latest firmware

Step-by-step instructions to upgrade the Edge Pro camera to the latest firmware (1.00.1)

Failure to follow the steps below and instead trying to upgrade the firmware of the Rekor Edge Pro camera using the graphical user interface will result in an inoperable camera.




Upgrading the firmware will reset all settings including the network settings. Make sure you record all the settings you need to re-apply after the upgrade. Also note that if you have a static IP address on the Edge Pro, it will be reset to the default and network access might be lost.


   - You need to have the necessary software installed on your computer to allow connectivity to a remote host using SSH and SCP for your operating system (a 3rd party software like the open source ssh, or MobaXterm will work).

   - Document the licensing and data destination accounts (and verify that you have the password for both accounts!)

   - You downloaded the latest Rekor Firmware here.

How to verify what version of the firmware of your Rekor Edge Pro Camera

Navigate to "Administration" -> "Management" as seen here:

Edge Pro camera firmware upgrade step-by-step

  1. Login to (or https://<Internet IP Address>:42771) 
  2. Login with the new username and password
  3. Go to Administration, Enable SSH and select the SSH port you want to use
  4. Click modify to set the SSH password to be Camera1 (the SSH password must be different from webadmin password)
  5. SSH to the device and login with "root" and the password you set in step 4
  6. After being connected over SSH, verify that the filesystem of the SD card mounted (mapped) to /mnt/sd/mmcblk0p1 is of type "ext4" by typing the command:  df -T (and press Enter)
    You should get an output with a line that shows:
    1. /dev/mmcblk0p1 ext4       486057304    992592 460353596   0% /mnt/sd

      NOTE: If file system is already VFAT, skip to step 12

  7. After the Edge Pro rebooted and you re-SSH'd into it, type umount -l /mnt/sd (and press Enter)
  8. Type vfat /dev/mmcblk0p1 (and press Enter)
  9. Type mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt/sd (and press Enter)
  10. Type reboot (and press Enter)
  11. Type df -T 
    1. /dev/mmcblk0p1 vfat       486057304    992592 460353596   0% /mnt/sd
  12. Type scp FW96687A.bin root@<your_remote_host>:/mnt/sd/ (and press Enter)

    NOTE: The “bin” file must be in the local folder where you run SCP from locally! (Alternatively, you could use MobaXTerm to upload the bin file to the /mnt/sd folder)

    NOTE 2: If you get an error connecting to the remote host, try to add a "-O" to your SSH connection string (and research SCP legacy mode as part of your continuous education goal), such as:
    scp -O -P <SSH_PORT> FW96687A.bin root@<your_remote_host>:/mnt/sd/
  13. TYPE reboot (and press Enter)
    Note: At this point the update will happen upon reboot setting the unit back to Factory Defaults including the IP of (DHCP is enabled, but if the DHCP server does not respond, the default IP will be used) and will take a few minutes to complete.
    When complete, the unit will be running the version 1.00.1 firmware.
  14. After the Edge Pro rebooted, login to the Edge Pro web administration graphical user interface with username rekor and password EdgePro.Camera1
  15. Change username and password to rekor1 and your preferred password.
  16. Login with new username and password
  17. Go to Administration and enable SSH and click modify to set the SSH password (must be different from rekor1 user password you set on step 15)
  18. SSH to the device and login with "root" and the password you set in step 17
  19. TYPE rm /mnt/sd/fw96687a.bin (and press Enter)