Can I add custom branding to Rekor software?

You can add your own company logo and name on Rekor software

You can add your own company logo and name on Rekor software.

OpenALPR On-Premises Web Server
You may apply custom branding to the Scout On-Premises web server.  To do so, edit or create this file:
And add the following content:
'product_name': 'YourProductName',
'company_name': 'YourCompanyName',
'images_path': 'branding/',
'show_email_header': True,
'support_email': 'Your email address',
'support_phone': 'Optional Phone Number Here'

You can then place a logo.png and favicon.ico into:

Now restart the web server with: 
sudo /etc/init.d/openalpr-web restart


OpenALPR Configuration Utility

Create or modify the file in


Add the following lines to the configuration

logo = [path to png logo file]
product_name = Your Product Name
company_name = Your Company Name, Inc.
documentation_link =
about_text = OpenALPR is an Automatic License Plate Recognition AI engine made in the USA.
copyright_text = Copyright <current year> OpenALPR Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.

Now when you rerun the configuration utility, the references to OpenALPR will be replaced with your company's information.