What features and functionality does Rekor Trailer have?

Rekor Trailer is a complete license plate and vehicle recognition solution seamlessly integrated with radar-speed detection or a custom message board.


Integrated with state of the art ALPR

  • Advanced vehicle recognition with plate, make, type, color
  • Accurate in day/night and all-weather conditions
  • Read paper, temporary, and vanity plates
  • Real-time alerting

Operation ready and extremely portable

  • DOT approved w/ durable finish
  • Heavy duty security locks
  • Highway and residential use
  • Compact, easily portable with a 5-minute setup
  • See-through design for enhanced viewing

Flexible communications and power options

  • Up to 120 mph capture speed
  • 3G/4G FirstNet ready wireless
  • Integrated GPS
  • 300w solar array and up to 15-day battery backup
  • Automatic cooling and charging protection

***Rekor no longer sells trailers but will continue to provide support to customers who previously purchased a trailer.