What are the specs for Rekor Trailer?

Portable ALPR with speed or message display

Rekor Trailer is a complete license plate and vehicle recognition solution
seamlessly integrated with radar-speed detection or a custom message
board. The compact design allows strategic placement of the trailer in
dangerous, high-risk areas to improve motorist and pedestrian safety.
By adding ALPR technology, major wanted vehicle access points can
be covered while also receiving AMBER and Silver alerts, and
accelerating investigations.

Speed Detection*

  • Extra-large full matrix LED electronic speed display
  • Customizable speed limit setting and excessive-speed message
  • Localization options for speed units (mph or kmh)
  • Radar unit is CE compliant, FCC approved

Matrix Message Board**

  • Easy message programming with onboard controller
  • Multiple alphanumeric fonts to customize messages
  • Internal clock facilitates built-in schedule programming
  • 360-degree display rotation for optimal positioning
  • Matrix Message Board is NTCIP compliant

Speed Trailer Specifications
Deployed footprint (LxW): 106x61 in (268x154 cm) 
Operating height: 123 in (312 cm) 
Travel height: 91 in (231 cm) 
Display cabinet size (WxH):  36x38 in (91x97 cm) 
Weight:   ~870 lb (395 kg) 
Power:  Batteries with solar or commercial recharging 
Speed display font size:  26 in (66 cm) 
Speed limit sign size (WxH):  24x30 in (61x76 cm) 
Message Trailer Specifications
Deployed footprint (LxW): 68x55 in (172x139 cm) 
Operating height: 134 in (340 cm) 
Travel height:  92 in (232 cm) 
Sign cabinet size (LxW):  71x48 in (180x122 cm) 
Weight:   ~1,400 lb (635 kg) 
Power:  Batteries with solar or commercial recharging 
Display pixel matrix:  48 × 30 pixels 
Fonts (12 font choices):  Default font: 12in, 5×9 pixels per character
12in, 3 lines of 10 characters maximum

*Only applicable to Speed Radar option and can not be combined with Message Board.
**Only applicable to Message Board option and can not be combined with Speed Radar.

***Rekor no longer sells trailers but will continue to provide support to customers who previously purchased a trailer.