Rekor Blue™ Release Notes - May 2022

Licensing and Paywall Removed, More Support, and Bug Fixes

New Feature Additions and Changes: 

Rekor Blue™ [1.4]

Platform Build Link
Android Google Play:
iOS 1.4.1 App Store:


iOS: 1.4.1, Android:

  • Agency-wide search:
    • Search for a full plate number in Blue's search screen and receive results from reads across the agency's camera footprint. All read sources (fixed, Finder, trailers, Blue) will be searched and results delivered to your device
  • Licensing and paywall removed from the product. All current functionality is included in the free tier now
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements

iOS: 1.1.110, Android:

  • Improved navigation and reordering of tabs to make things easier to find
  • Onboarding has been simplified to get the user into the app and scanning plates faster and easier
  • Demo mode allows the user to try scanning plates before their user account is approved by the Scout admin (applies to verified Scout tenants, and scanned plates are not synced with Scout until user is approved)
  • Lots of bug fixes and small UI improvements from previous build
  • Added support for the free trial mode (60 days from sign up)
  • Added support for in-app purchase subscriptions
    • Plus: $24.99/mo or
    • Plus: $249.99/yr
  • Android only:
    • Fixed issue with permissions prompt when asking for camera and location access