How Do I Enable a New User on Rekor Blue™?

How to Enable a New User in Rekor Blue™ using Scout™

As of 1/1/23, when a user without existing Scout™ credentials onboards through the Rekor Blue™ app, the system will generate a user on the appropriate Scout™ tenant, but the user will be disabled by default. To enable the user for both Scout™ and Rekor Blue™, follow these steps. 

A user with Scout™ Administrator privileges needs to: 

  1. Sign into Scout™ at


    Scout home screen
  2. Go to the Configuration menu along the left side.


    Config User Manage
  3. Select User Management from the Configuration menu.


    Scout Users Brad

  4. Find the new user (either by scrolling through the list or searching by name).

    Active user
  5. Find the user’s active checkbox, then check the box to enable the user.

With the above steps complete, this new user will be able to log into both Scout™ and Rekor Blue™. 

Please note: Scout™ and Rekor Blue™ use the same credentials for login, and the credentials are managed by Scout™. If a user needs to be disabled or deleted, a Scout™ Administrator can do so from the same User Management screen inside Scout™.